September Home Maintenance Checklist

Nothing comes quicker than the transition from summer to fall- it gets me every year. One day you’re in HomeGoods looking at the summer decor, and the next day it’s all on sale and Halloween knick-knacks have taken front and center.

Even with this fast transition its important to keep up with home maintenance! Here is this month’s list.

Around the house: 

Fall Cleaning: Declutter and deep-clean your living spaces to welcome the new season.

Organize Closets: Go through your closets and donate or store summer clothing, making room for fall attire.

Check Alarms: Yes this task Is boring but necessary to keep your family safe! Test and replace batteries in smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms.

DIY Projects: While the weather starts to cool down, plan and start any home improvement projects you’ve been considering.

Home Office Refresh: For those who WFH, try refreshing your office for something new to kickstart a productive autumn season.

In your personal life:

Set Goals: With 120 days left in 2023, it’s time to set your end-of-the-year goals and check back on prior goals.

Pick your book or show of the season: When it’s time to unwind it’s nice to have something picked out so you don’t waste your time scrolling through options!

Find what motivates you to move your body: If you’ve been struggling to find movement, pick up a new activity such as pickleball or pilates and see If It helps motivate you to workout!

Financial Review: Review your budget, savings, and investments to ensure you’re on track for your goals (buying a home perhaps?)

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