July Home Check List

July is a wonderful month, school it out and the sun is too!

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t still a list of things you may want to consider completing to prepare your home this month.

So here is your July home to-do list.

  • Keep the bugs out!
    • Check for holes in your window screens to ensure bugs can’t enter the home
  • Water your lawn early mornings
    • To save water turn your sprinklers on earlier in the day to avoid water evaporation and keep your grass looking fresh and green all month long.
  • Clean the fridge
    • Cleaning the fridge, really cleaning it, half way through the year will help you make it through the holidays without that funky smell. Wipe it down inside and out and even pull it away from the wall to clean underneath and any coils. This will also help your fridge work efficiently for longer.

This month’s list is short, but that because the summer is supposed to be fun! And who wants a to-do list a mile long when its so beautiful outside? I know I don’t!


Have a great summer and I’ll see you around Greenville!

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