Five Reasons to Sell Your House During The Winter

It is known that the summer is the busiest time for the housing market. But there are many reasons why winter is the best time to sell your house, here are the top 5.

1.Less Competition

As you already know the summer is widely viewed as the busiest and best time to sell your house. There are some downsides to that, however. With the market so busy there will be boundless competition against your house.

In the winter there are fewer houses becoming available which means more attention to your house and a better chance at a quick sale. This also means that your agent will be able to spend more time marketing your home in ways not possible in the summer.

2. Winter Warmth

Showing a house in summer can sometimes lack that special element needed to show the house can be a home. It can leave someone feeling underwhelmed about their love for your house.

The colder winter weather provides the chance to show the warmth your house can have. With inviting winter decorations and warmth emanating from within, your house will feel warm and inviting to anyone who enters. Making it much easier for those viewing it to see it as a home.

3. Serious Buyers

There are lots of people who house hunt without actually being serious about buying a house. They may want to see what’s out there or just be in the beginning phases of looking while not actually being ready.

In the winter there are far fewer listings meaning those that show up to see your house is more likely to be serious about buying and more importantly looking at your home.

4. End of Year Bonuses

Winter means that the year is coming to an end or has just begun. This can mean that end of year bonuses are still sitting around looking for a purpose. With this extra money, many people will being the home buying process.

5. Tax Benefits

Your home, being one of the few winter listings, is bound to catch the eye of someone home shopping for the end of the year tax benefits. On top of the tax benefits that come at the end of the year, there are lender and loan benefits. With lenders being slower during the winter loans can be processed quicker. As the end of the year approaches interest rates can also be negotiated more freely. This means that it can become an ideal environment for first time home buyers.

There are many reasons for selling your home in the winter may be the smart move. Keeping an open mind when approaching the housing market can make a huge difference. The only thing more important is the right agent. If you have questions about selling your home or finding your dream house, contact us at

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