Ten Tips When Relocating

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Ten Tips When Relocating


Moving is a huge undertaking on its own, relocating can add a whole other level of stress and potential complications. 

No matter where you are moving to, these 10 simple tips can help make your relocation a success! 


We have seen all of the stress that comes with moving let alone relocating during our time in real estate, so we put together these tips to help to give you a smooth move.


Number 1 – Visit your new city ahead of time to learn the layout and the culture.  Make sure it’s a place you will be comfortable living and that the cost of living works in your budget before accepting a job or starting the move.


Number 2 – When looking for a new home, make a list of what’s important to you.  Short commute to work? Top schools? Medical care? Proximity to parks or downtown? Make sure your agent knows what’s important to you so they can find the perfect home for you.


Number 3 – With your new home in mind, purge while you pack.  Donate or sell items you won’t need so you have less than you need to move and unpack in the new house.


Number 4 – Ask your agent to help you find free or inexpensive moving boxes.


Number 5 – Carefully label moving boxes on multiple sides so that you will know what’s inside and which room they should go in. using different colored labels can be helpful as well.


Number 6 – Pack a necessities box for each person, plus one for the kitchen, one for the bathroom, and one for electronics.  Make them the last thing to leave the old house and the first thing unpacked at the new house.


Number 7 – If you are hiring movers, plan ahead and shop around, and ask your agent if you need a reputable recommendation.


Number 8 -Don’t forget to cancel delivery services, change your address with the post office, and transfer your utilities.


Number 9 – If you’re moving for a job, make it a point to know your new co-workers, This can be an easy way to begin to meet new people and a great resource for you as you get to know your new area.


Number 10 – Your realtor should also be able to guide you through the buying process, which may be different in your new location. 


Your realtor will also be a resource for neighborhoods, schools, shopping and other important questions about the community you are headed for. Having an advocate who is already an expert in the community you are relocating to is priceless.  If you are thinking about relocating, call us first and we can provide you with a packing checklist and help you get started with a seamless move.


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