How to Prepare your Home for the Spring Rain

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How to prepare your house for the rainy season to keep it in the best condition possible. 

March, the first month that feels like spring, but with that comes rain. Lots and lots of rain. 

Rain CAN be a great thing, washing away all the pollen that begins to fall, cleaning the air, and making it possible for things to being to bloom. That being said rain can be very detrimental to a house if not properly repaired. Here are some steps you can take to get your house ready and keep it safe during the rainy season. 


  • Check the roof, your roof should be checked once a year at least. While a professional is always the best option you can also examine the roof the best you can to look for any defects. Defects include discolored shingles, shingles that look out of place, or piles or leaves or limbs that remain on your roof. Checking your roof is essential to making sure you house will not suffer and water damage or leaks as the rain begins. 


  • Check/clean your gutters, this step prevents leaves and other debris from blocking your gutters and keeping water from draining properly. While checking your gutters it is recommended that you check downspouts and add any additional drainage needed. Adding additional drainage can keep the water coming from you gutters from eroding the ground around your foundation which can lead to foundation and crawl space problems.  For this process it is also recommended that you hire a professional to get the job done. 


  • The next step is to check around the perimeter of your house for any existing drainage issues. This can look like puddles that do not quickly absorb, or areas where the ground against your house tilts toward it preventing water from flowing away. Again to fix any of these issues we recommend hiring a professional that will best prepare you house and fix the problem long term to keep from having the fix these issues annually. 


With these  steps completed you and your house should be prepared to handle the rains that March brings and can fully enjoy the Spring stress free.


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