Market Update: The Perfect Sellers Market

If you have been considering selling your home, now is the time. The current market is perfect for selling! 

If you haven’t heard the market is currently experiencing a lack of inventory. There are more people trying to buy homes than there are homes for sale! Houses for sale are scarce but the need to buy or relocate has never been so high. This has lead to the perfect conditions for a sellers market, houses are, on average, only sitting on the market for 24-48 hours and have been receiving multiple offers. 

If you have been thinking about and warming up to the thought of selling your home, now is the time. Due to the above mentioned  scarcity in properties your house is guaranteed to receive  maximum exposure which can lead to multiple offers and room to negotiate to suit your needs. 

While the market has been on this sellers peak for a few months now there is no telling when it will change or shift. 

If this sounds like a great deal to you but you are worried about finding a new home once you seller yours there is no need to worry! Ask us about our secret weapon, the Knock Home Swap. This program is extremely helpful when you want to cash out on your home but are scared about finding a new home to call yours! The Knock Home Swap allows for you, the sellers, to make smart financial decisions and helps with down payments in order to ensure you have the money and resources ready to make offers on your new home even if you current house has not sold yet! 

With this secret weapon in hand we are ready to help you master this sellers market and make the most of this amazing opportunity

So if this sounds like an opportunity you can’t pass up give us a call at

(864) 952-9570. 

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