How to Put Together a Checklist For Your Dream Home

Wants and Needs

There are a lot of steps when you are ready to buy a home. One of the most important steps is putting together a list of things you want or need in your new home. Putting together this list can be more difficult than you may think. 

What do you need in a home? What can be avoided if possible? Here is a list that will help you put together your ideal home checklist. 

Determine what is a need and what is a want. 

When buying a home it is important to determine the difference between wants and needs. You want stainless steel appliances but you need 3 bedrooms! See the difference? Needs include things like size (number of bedrooms and bathrooms) location, and price. Wants include things like large windows, floor plan, and finishes. 

Everyone’s list is different. For some people having large windows and a lot of them is a need not a want! It’s all about determining which is which for you! 

Here are some things to consider on this list;

  • number of bedrooms and overall house size 
  • Location, what’s the max commute time you want daily? 
  • Detached or townhouse
  • Attached garage and if so how big?
  • Yard
  • Pool or other amenities 
  • Age of the home 
  • Nearby schools 
  • Repairs needed? 

These are just a few things that should make it somewhere on your list. 

The next and most important thing is to choose the correct agent for you. The right agent should help you determine which things on your list are wants or needs. Your agent should help you find exactly what you need and as much of what you want as possible! Buying a home is a huge decision and an incredibly exciting one, choosing the correct agent is just as important! 

Here at Welcome Home Upstate, we believe in putting YOU first. We will help you put together the list and keep that excitement alive! We take away all of the stress involved and let you truly enjoy the process of finding the perfect house that perfectly combines your wants and needs. 

If you have made the momentous decision to buy a house, contact us today so that we can start helping you with your list and ultimately your dream home!


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